Małoplska, on snowshoes

Małoplska, on snowshoes

The popular summer hiking routes in the Beskids can be covered on snowshoes in winter. It is best to begin your snowshoeing experience by taking one of the routes described below.

Jaworzyna Krynicka and Beskid Sądecki




Recommended routes:
– yellow trail: Kopciowa – Hawrylakówka – Jakubie – Huzary – Góra Parkowa Krynica-Zdrój (8.5 km): the route leads through the eastern part of the very popular circular trail around Krynica;
– yellow trail/blue trail: Kopciowa – Jaworzyna – Bukowinka – Krzyżowa – Krzyżowa Pass – Krynica-Zdrój
(8.3 km): the route leads through the western part of the circular trail around Krynica;
– red trail/blue trail/yellow trail: Jaworzyna Krynicka – Runek – Nad Wierchomlą shelter – Jaworzynka – Czerteż Szczawnik (12.5 km): the route begins at the upper station of the Jaworzyna Krynicka gondola lift;
this popular route tends to get crowded;
– red trail: Jaworzyna Krynicka – Runek – Łabowska  Hala – Łabowa (17 km): the route partially overlaps with the Main Beskid Trail.

 Mountain pasture




 Recommended routes:
– black trail: Sidzina Wielka Polana – Hala Krupowa (3.3 km): the route follows the road along the Zakulawka brook and is particularly recommended when the weather conditions are bad;
– green trail: Sidzina Wielka Polana – Hala Krupowa (4.8 km): this varied, scenic route used to be a popular ski run. Its interesting variants lead through steep, forested slopes;
– red trail: Bystra – Cupel – Urwanica – Hala Krupowa (14 km): the route runs through the Polica Range, from the Bystrzanka valley to Hala Krupowa, along the Main Beskid Trail;
– red trail: Hala Krupowa – Polica – Cyl Hali Śmietanowej – Krowiarki pass (9.5 km): the continuation of the route along the main ridge of the Police Range to its highest peak – Polica;
– yellow trail: Zawoja-Policzne – Mosorny Groń – Hala Śmietanowa (6 km): the route follows the shortest possible route from Zawoja to the ridge of the Police Range.

 Markowe Szczawiny




Recommended routes:
– green trail: Zawoja-Markowa – Suchy Groń – Markowe Szczawiny (4.2 km): a forested route and the favourite tourists’ choice;
– red trail: Markowe Szczawiny – Brona pass – Babia Góra – Krowiarki pass – Markowe Szczawiny (15.7 km): a loop along the northern slopes of Babia Góra; the route is extraordinary both in terms of its landscape and nature;
– red trail: Markowe Szczawiny – Mała Babia Góra – Jałowiecka Pass – Markowe Szczawiny (8.6 km): a circular passage around the northern slopes of Mała Babia Góra.





Recommended routes:
– green trail: Kowaniec – Brożek – Bukowina Waksmundzka to the intersection with the blue trail from Łopuszna and further on to the peak of Turbacz (9 km): the most popular scenic tourist descent from Turbacz to Kowaniec; a route for experienced trekkers;
– yellow trail: Kowaniec – Hrube – Bukowina glade – Turbacz (8 km): a popular trekking route from the Nowotarska Valley to the peak of Turbacz, beautiful with good weather, hazardous during weather breaks;
– blue trail: Łopuszna – Zarębek – Bukowina Waksmundzka – Turbacz (10 km): quite an easy trekking route through the enchanting surroundings of Bukowina Waksmudzka.



Snowshoe rental points:

Central PTTK Mountain Tourism Centre, ul. Jagiellońska 6, Kraków,  +48 12 422 2840, 
Markowe Szczawiny shelter, Zawoja-Górna,  +48 33 877 5105,;
Hala Krupowa PTTK shelter, Sidzina,  +48 18 447 5005, 
Tatra Trade, Droga na Bystre 2a, Zakopane,  +48 18 201 3428,
Morskie Oko shelter, Zakopane,  +48 18 207 7609;
Polana Chochołowska PTTK shelter, +48 18 207 0510,
Nad Wierchomlą shelter, Muszyna, +48 18 448 8811










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