Cross-country Skiing in Małopolska

Cross-country Skiing in Małopolska

Cross-country skiing is a winter discipline, different from the downhill skiing, which gains increasing numbers of enthusiasts each year. The sport is popular in countries with large snow-covered areas allowing practicing of this discipline. Cross-country skiing with ski jumping and Nordic Combined (a combination of cross-country skiing and ski jumping) are counted as the Classic skiing. This discipline is also part of Ski Orienteering, Winter Triathlon and Biathlon.

Cross-country skiing is often regarded as "ski trips" by users navigating the trails of different lengths with multiple levels of difficulty. This type of skiing is considered one of the most difficult endurance disciplines since it requires using numerous muscle groups. Next to swimming and rowing, this particular sport burns the most calories. It is also an excellent form of active recreation and the opportunity to commune with nature. Małopolska is an outstanding area for cross-country skiing where tourists can experience unforgettable thrills. Visit our region which offers a wide range of cross-country trails to learn and improve your skills.


When heading for the mountains with tourist skis (ski-tours), it is good to choose routes with long descents and to avoid ridges.
Recommended routes:
– green trail/red trail/ski trail: Szczawnica – Kuni Wierch – Prehyba – Stary Wierch – Szlachtowa (14 km): an easy route to the PTTK refuge on Prehyba with a descent along the ski trail to Szlachtowa;
– green trail/red trail/ski trail: Zawoja-Markowa – Markowe Szczawiny – Brona Pass – Babia Góra – Sokolica – Krowiarki Pass (12.4 km): a medium difficulty route to the Babia Góra mountain with a descent to the Krowiarki Pass, the last stretch runs along a comfortable ski run;
– ski trail: Chochołowska Glade – Grześ – Wołowiec – Upper Chochołowska Valley – Chochołowska Glade (13 km): a scenic mountain route for advanced skiers (make sure to check the TOPR mountain rescue snow and avalanche forecast before setting off);
– yellow trail/green trail: Nowy Targ Kowaniec – Bukowina Miejska – Turbacz – Bukowina Waksmundzka – Nowy Targ Kowaniec (15.4 km): an easy route to the tallest peak of the Gorce range, without any long, arduous stretches along mountain ridges;
– blue trail/red trail/ski run: Krynica – Krzyżowa – Przysłop – Bukowa – Jaworzyna Krynicka – Czarny Potok (15 km): a gentle climb up Jaworzyna Krynicka from the centre of the health resort, along the forested ridges of Beskid Sądecki, with the final stretch of the trip being a wonderful, long ski down Jaworzyna on one of the ski runs.


Backcountry skis will let you conquer some more challenging slopes, while they also do well on flat terrain.
Recommended routes:
– yellow trail/red trail: Krynica – Huzary – Jakubik – Jaworzynka – Biała pass – Krynica-Słotwiny (13.5 km): an easy circular route around Krynica starting on Góra Parkowa in Krynica (access by funicular); the only difficult stretch – the descent from Jaworzynka to the Biała pass, can be covered on foot;
– yellow trail/blue trail/green trail: Szczawnica – Palenica – Durbaszka – Pod Wysoką glades – Jaworki (12 km): a scenic route along the Lesser Pieniny ridge, which you can begin by taking the chairlift to Palenica;
– green trail/red trail: Koninki – Tobołów – Obidowiec – (Rozdziele – Hala Turbacz – Rozdziele – Obidowiec) – Stare Wierchy – Maciejowa – Rabka-Zdrój (13.5 or 22 km): a magnificent route through the Gorce range, which you begin by taking the chairlift to Tobołów; the route leads along scenic ridges and it is worth taking some extra time to climb Turbacz;
– blue trail/red trail: Krowiarki pass – Markowe Szczawiny – Brona pass – Babia Góra – Sokolica – Krowiarki pass: the route can be covered only with very good snow conditions. It starts with an easy cross-country passage to the mountain shelter, continues with a steep climb up the peak of the massif and ends with a long, eventually
quite difficult downward slope; there is an excellent ski run between Sokolica and Krowiarki pass;
– black trail/red trail/green trail: Witów – Gubałówka – Furmanów – Zakopane Ciągłówka (14.2 km): a scenic route along the Gubałówka range; the trip can be extended by taking the red trail through Wierch Grapa all the way to Poronin.


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