Bukowina Thermal Springs

Bukowina Thermal Springs

Bukowina Thermal Springs
Bukowina Tatrzańska
, ul. Sportowa 22
tel. +48 18 202 00 70
Marked route from the centre of the town; 15 km to Zakopane, 20 km to Nowy Targ.

    Bukowina thermal springs is a huge entertainment centre, and at the same time a recuperation and regeneration centre. On the vast premises (4 ha), in a sheltered area, with stunning views of the mountains, you can enjoy several swimming pools with water temperature of 28–36°C. Warm water is sourced from a well that goes 2500 m underground. Trace elements and other elements contained in the water (sodium, calcium, chlorine, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, chromium) help lose extra pounds, have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and speed up recovery. Guests of the facility can also take advantage of the modern “Góralskie Łospary sauna complex, which includes the benefits of steam baths, as well as aroma- and chromotherapy (treatment with the use of colours). The centre also offers massages and treatments conducive to faster burning of fatty tissue. 

The thermal springs comprise 12 pools, 4 of which are paddling pools. Apart from a dedicated zone for children and young people, the building also houses the Bulgotnik (hydro massage pool), Bonior basisty (recreational pool) and a jacuzzi. Outdoor pools include: Niebiesko dolina (recreational pool with hydro massage), Cepersko Płań (swimming pool with a depth of 1.5 m), Jaskinia nad Porońcem (with hydro massage and a rocky grotto), Corny staw (recreational pool), the small Zostawnica and a paddling pool. Attractions also include three water slides with a combined length of over 100 m. 


There is a beautifulchurch in Bukowina Tatrzańska that draws on the tradition of woodensacred architecture.
More wooden temples can be found in Białka Tatrzańska (housingan exhibition of regional items) and in Jurgów.
In Czarna Góra, in the Korkoszów homestead, there is amuseum presenting a rich, old style farm from the Spis region.
Thegreatest local attraction, however, is Zakopane itself, as well as mountain trips.

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